What is the cost?

The monthly cost depends on which package you purchase.  Please see the Shop page for more information.

What countries does it work in?

It works worldwide. Anywhere you have an internet connection.

Are there additional channels available?

Yes we currently have over 1,000 channels and will be expanding to even more in the next 30-60 days.

How do I set up HBTV3 – THE CLEAR CHOICE?

Some Helpful Hints:

Restart your router once a month. The router is an information gatherer and the cache needs to be cleared. Clear your cache on the HBTV3 app weekly to keep your device running. From the Fire Stick home page, go into settings, applications, manager and install application. Click on HBTV, scroll to the bottom and clear cache. Buffering – run a speed test. If your speed is below 15 mpb you may need a Wi-Fi extender. See the video below on preventing buffering and set up the Fire Stick to the specs on the video.

How do I prevent buffering on my Firestick?

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