Download Instructions for Legacy HBTV3+

FireStick Instructions

Go to Amazon Fire menu: Settings > My FireTv > Developer Options and enable both ‘ADB Debugging’ and ‘Apps from unknown sources‘ options.

Enter the developer mode of the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Go to Amazon Fire main screen and go search > [type “downloader”]

After you spell out the “downloader”   Click on Downloader

The program will show up on your APPS & GAMES section,  Click on downloader

A keyboard will open up,  enter “” and click Go

You will see the progress bar show the download

The next window will show an install button,   Please click on install

Click open when complete.


Android Instructions

Before starting, make sure “unknown sources” is enabled in your Security settings
You can download the apk file from here
If using Chrome and receive a message Chrome needs storage access to download file hit continue
Allow chrome to access photos, media and files on your device click allow
This type of file can harm your device. Do u want to keep HBTV3plus.apk anyway? Click ok
After you grant access go back and click on You can download the apk from here
If install or download doesn’t come up you have to go to my apps and check file manager or download folder
Install or download
Click open
Put in your user name and password (case sensitive)
Once you have logged on click Setting in the lower right corner
Parental controls – Set up password scroll down to lock access
Account Information, Update Content TV, VOD & Series, Update ALL
Click: Live TV
Once you have selected your program you can left or right click on your remote to move to your categories
Click: GUIDE
Click: VOD (Movies) once you have selected the movie click play. Enjoy
Click: Series select what you want and Enjoy


iOS Instructions (iPhone and iPad)

Download and install TVID Pro from the app store.
1. Open the app and accept the terms and conditions
2. Enter your username, password and url.  The url is
3. Click on SIGN IN

4. Enjoy HBTV3!


AppleTV Instructions

1. Download Xtream IPTV from the App Store
2. Accept the terms of Use
3. Enter your username and password
4. In the URL box type:
5. Log in
6. Click on Update EPG
7. Enjoy HBTV3!


VideoLan install for HBTV3

1. Download VideoLan from the official download page at:

2. Pick the version of VideoLan for your platform or OS, by clicking the down arrow next to the orange Download VLC button.


3. You do not need to donate to Videolan, will be prompted to save the file. If not, the file was save to your download folder

4. Depending on your OS, you may be prompted to allow program to make changes to system, Click OK.
5. You will then be prompted with a pop up installation window, Pick your language and click OK


6. Once the installation is completed, you will see the following program window.


7. In the VideoLan tool bar, click on Media, a sub menu will open.

8. Click on Stream, or click on Ctrl+S 


9. A new window will pop up and click on the network tab.

In the please enter a network URL: I recommend copy and paste.[username]&password=[password]&type=m3u_plus&output=ts
please enter your user name without the brackets []
please enter your password without the brackets []


10. Click the Stream bottom at the bottom of the window.  
11. This will show the following program popup.


12. Click next
13. This will show the following program popup


14. Click next


15. This will show the last program popup.


16. Click stream


17.  You have completed the installation of HBTV3 to VideoLan. 


18. Channel list can be seen by click the list button. Red circle 



XBox install for HBTV

For the m3u URL enter[username]&password=[password]&type=m3u_plus&output=ts
For the EPG URL enter[username]&password=[password]&type=m3u_plus&output=ts
For both URLs:
please enter your user name without the brackets []
please enter your password without the brackets []